Vegan quotes

Aka – about not consuming animal byproducts

I`m a vegan, but you can be really unhealthy as a vegan, too. Vegan just means that you don`t use animal products, so you don`t wear leather, you don`t wear wool, and you don`t eat animal products. But you can eat french fries and stuff like that all day long.

Emily Deschanel

The hardest part about being vegan is shoes. I mean, really, that`s the only difficult part, finding shoes that don`t have leather on them.

Lisa Edelstein

My perspective of veganism was most affected by learning that the veal calf is a by-product of dairying, and that in essence there is a slice of veal in every glass of what I had thought was an innocuous white liquid – milk.

Rynn Berry, quoted in Joanne Stepaniak, The Vegan Sourcebook, 1998

I just could not stand the idea of eating meat – I really do think that it has made me calmer…. People’s general awareness is getting much better, even down to buying a pint of milk: the fact that the calves are actually killed so that the milk doesn’t go to them but to us cannot really be right, and if you have seen a cow in a state of extreme distress because it cannot understand why its calf isn’t by, it can make you think a lot.

Kate Bush

I eat everything that nature voluntarily gives: fruits, vegetables, and the products of plants. But I ask you to spare me what animals are forced to surrender: meat, milk, and cheese.

Author Unknown

Image above By Peggy Greb, USDA ARS – This image was released to the public domain by the Agricultural Research Service, the research agency of the United States Department of Agriculture, with the ID K9093-1

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