Vegetarianism and Activism Quote – Or how to convince others to eat less (or no) meat

I’ve found without question that the best way to lead others to a more plant-based diet is by example – to lead with your fork, not your mouth.

Bernie Wilke, quoted in Joanne Stepaniak, The Vegan Sourcebook, 1998

Vena Clitoridis says:

Veganism = Empathy embodied. The key to invite people to a compassionate life is to practice dedicated empathy. It’s contagious! And always remind people we are animals too. The fact that we can type doesn’t change that!

Image above By Peggy Greb, USDA ARS – This image was released to the public domain by the Agricultural Research Service, the research agency of the United States Department of Agriculture, with the ID K9093-1

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