Lama Yeshe Quotes on Happiness – When the chocolate runs out

We love chocolate. Perhaps so much so that on some level we may believe, “As long as I have chocolate, I’ll be happy.” This is the power of attachment at work. And based on this attachment, we create a chocolate-based philosophy and order our life prioritizing chocolate. But sometimes, we can’t get our hands on any chocolate. And when the chocolate disappears, we get nervous, upset: “Oh no! Now I’m unhappy!” But of course it’s not the absence of chocolate that’s making us unhappy; it’s our fixed ideas, and our misunderstanding the nature of chocolate. (When the Chocolate Runs Out, p. 1)

Chocolate comes, chocolate goes, chocolate disappears. (When the Chocolate Runs Out, p. 2)

The sense world alone cannot satisfy the human mind. (When the Chocolate Runs Out, p. 5)

Wherever you go, your dissatisfied mind is still there. (When the Chocolate Runs Out, p. 7)

Meditation explodes the belief that satisfaction depends on circumstances (When the Chocolate Runs Out, p. 8 )

If you think practicing the Dharma means simply learning new ideas, you’d be better off sucking a piece of candy. (When the Chocolate Runs Out, p. 37)

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