Quote on dealing with anger and other emotions, U.G. Krishnamurti

Anger as such is something you don’t know. You are all the time controlling, suppressing, living with or choicelessly aware–you are all the time doing something with what is not there any more. It is already gone. It is the thinking that results in hitting somebody–your child, for example–and not the anger. You are attributing it to something that is not there any longer. That has set in motion this nonsensical movement of thought. So it is not the anger but the frustration that is your problem. You are not dealing with desire. Desire is life. If you destroy desire you are destroying life. It is there–not must be there–whether you like it or not. Have you freed yourself from desire? Don’t say `good desires’, `bad desires’, `spiritual desires’ and `material desires’. They are all the same. What you are going to do with the desires is all that you are interested in.

From Chapter 4 in The Sage and the Housewife about U.G. Krishnamurti

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