Don’t give up – Theosophy Quotes

[B]e not discouraged, but try, ever keep trying; twenty failures are not irremediable if followed by as many undaunted struggles upward; is it not so that mountains are climbed? (Blavatsky Collected Writings, Vol. 12, Esoteric Instructions)

With each morning’s awakening try to live through the day in harmony with the Higher Self. “Try” is the battle-cry taught by the Teachers to each pupil. Naught else is expected of you. One who does his best does all that can be asked. There is a moment when even a Buddha ceases to be a sinning mortal and takes his first step toward Buddhahood. (Blavatsky Collected Writings, Vol. 12, Esoteric Instructions)

It is our duty to help all, and we must begin on those nearest to us, for to run abroad to souls we might possibly help we again forsake our present duty. It is better to die in our own duty, however mean, than to try another one. ( W.Q. Judge, Letters That Have Helped Me, p.10)

If you are not well‑balanced and physically purified, you will often get thoughts that are not correct. Such is your Karma and the Karma of the race. But if you are sincere and try to base yourself on right philosophy, your mind will naturally reject wrong notions. You can see in this how it is that systems of thought are made and kept going, even though foolish, incorrect, or pernicious. (“Conversations on Occultism.” (*) Vernal Blooms  (No. XII: Phantasy; Memory and Mind; The Sun; Altruism), p.197; The Path, Vol. 9, December 1894, p.282.)

Success in life depends on one’s ability to adapt to change in situations and to make the most of new opportunities arising. (Source unknown)

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    1. Through mindfulness practice whether structured or informal. The less we are distracted by our thoughts and preconceived notions the more we can become aware of a truth deeper than our limited minds.

  1. I admired all these ideas they are good and can help someone to go ahead in life of success.

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