Muslim Koran quotes about the Soul and God

There is to be no compulsion in religion.

True direction is in fact distinct from error:

so whoever disbelieves in idols

and believes in God

has taken hold

of the most reliable handle,

which does not break.

For God is all-hearing and all-knowing.

The Qu’ran, The Cow, 256

God does not compel a soul

to do what is beyond its capacity:

it gets what it has earned,

and is responsible for what it deserves.

Our Lord,

please do not punish us

if we forget or we err.

The Qu’ran, The Cow, 285-286

On the day when every soul

will be brought face to face

with the good that it has done

and with the evil it has done,

it will wish there were a great distance

between itself and its evil.

And God makes you cautious of God:

and God is gracious to servants.

The Qu’ran, The Family of Imraan, 29, 30

Quotes from ‘The Essential Koran: the heart of Islam, an introductory selection of readings from the Qu’ran

The word Arabic word Koran is also often transliterated as Quran or Qu’ran.

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