Edgar Cayce Quotes on Meditation

These, as we find, are slow, yet sure, if there will be kept, not only the corrections made occasionally, once a month or such, might be the more often but the meditation; and in the meditation, don’t meditate upon, but listen to the voice within. For prayer is supplication for direction, for understanding. Meditation is listening to the Divine within.

Cayce Reading 1861-19

“Meditate … in the inner secrets of the consciousness, and the cells in the body become aware of the awakening of the life….
“In the mind, the cells of the mind become aware of the life in the spirit.”
“God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must do so in spirit….”

Cayce Reading 5752-3

[What is meditation?]
It is not musing, not daydreaming; but as ye find you bodies made up of the physical, mental and spiritual, it is the attuning of the mental body and the physical body to its spiritual source.

Cayce Reading 281-41 (Edgar Cayce)

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